Collage by Joey Gibbs.

The world has lost a legend, my heart is broken with the pass of Tom Morey, the inventor of the Boogie Board.

Tom created something magnificent that changed a lot of people’s lives around the world, including me.

The Citizen Journalists Group on Facebook with Tom Morey, Patti Serrano, Debbie Colwell, Tyron Perez, Jean Ferreira, and Tony Prince.

When I started practicing Boogie Board, or Bodyboarding, in 1988, I never thought I will become a Professional Bodyboarder, and become a champion in Brasil, and the United States, and make a living, and travel to beautiful places, and meet incredible people on the way, but Tom Morey and his invention has changed my life big time.

I’ve done Bodyboarding, or Boogie Board, for more than 20 years, and even after retiring from Boogie, I am still connected to the community in many ways.

Tom Morey.

The world has lost a brilliant man, a husband, a father, an inventor.

Sending my condolences and prays to the Morey Family tonight. R.I.P. Tom Morey.

Here’s an exclusive video interview that Tom and Sol Morey gave to the City Life Org back on March, 2021, thanks to our great contributor Patti Serrano.

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