CAMP reimagines family play in an immersive physical and digital space with gamified experiences.

/PRNewswire/ — CAMP, The Family Experience Company, is unveiling its first adventure-themed experience today: Cosmic Camp. This new concept will bring families together in an out-of-this-world play space filled with interactive games, physical and skill-based challenges, and live performances. Cosmic Camp opens on September 6th, and tickets are available today.

The 8,000-square-foot play space behind CAMP’s signature magic door will feature:

  • An experience focused exclusively on family play, utilizing game-based challenges with choose-your-own adventures in an immersive world that feels like outer space.
  • A first-of-its-kind physical and digital experience that uses AR and projection-mapping technology designed in collaboration with award-winning innovation lab Future Colossal.
  • Interactive experiences that unfold across space stations, asteroid fields, lava pools, and other immersive worlds, including:
    • Cosmic Launch Pad: Families enter through a tunnel to arrive at the Launch Pad, and with the press of a button, explorers will see smoke billowing and flames erupting around them as they take off into space.
    • Space Station: An elevated space that kids will climb up into, extending throughout the entire experience to serve as an interactive teleportation tube.
    • Deep Space: Here families will throw asteroids into black holes to collect coins before they disappear.
    • Remote Rovers: Within the Space Station is a command center where families can use joysticks to control Remote Rovers and collect coins on an alien landscape.
    • Ice Caves: Nestled into a hard-to-find corner, the ice cave is a secret room offering mind games and visual awe. This cave is home to illuminated symbols on the wall that match crystal-stalagmite-like drums in front of them.
    • The Floor is Lava: Families will be challenged to traverse fields without touching the virtual lava in this 360-degree immersive space, featuring both projection-mapped lava pools and physical obstacles.
  • A daily and ongoing leaderboard that tracks points and overall performance. Points get transmitted through Space Communicators worn by each family member, encouraging everyone to demonstrate their skills and earn coins.

“Stores shouldn’t be static,” said Ben Kaufman, CAMP’s CEO. “During the holiday season, of course retailers need to focus on selling gifts, but after the year we have all had, CAMP is focused on providing a real getaway for families that transports them into another world; we want to bring back fun! The beauty of CAMP’s rotational model is that we meet the needs of our families with a dynamic mix of play, products, and programming throughout the year. Cosmic Camp will be our best experience yet.”

With this new concept, CAMP has designed an incredible experience that is both fun and physical in a controlled environment that allows families to enjoy their visit safely. Timed tickets, which can be purchased today, are available for $35.

Families can also shop hundreds of curated gifts, books, toys, and clothing collections in the CAMP Canteen before or after they begin their Cosmic Camp adventure.

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CAMP is a Family Experience Company that helps answer the question, “What should we do today?” through a unique combination of retail and media. Launched in December of 2018, CAMP operates six retail locations in New York, Texas, and Connecticut and serves families everywhere via its digital platforms.

Cosmic Camp, an Intergalactic Family Adventure Launches on September 6th at CAMP’s NYC Flagship Store.
Cosmic Launch Pad