Virtual Summer Series of Applauded Films is Hosted by Award-Winning Journalist and Author Tom Teicholz 

Holocaust Museum LA presents the “Teicholz Holocaust Remembrance Film Series: German Holocaust Films,” a series of three curated films and discussions, beginning Thursday, July 29, at 6 p.m. Upon registration, participants will receive a link to watch the films in advance and then join via Zoom for live discussions.

The series begins with “Jacob the Liar” (1975) an acclaimed bittersweet comedy based on the book by Jurek Becker.  In a Jewish ghetto in German-occupied Poland in 1944, Jacob Heym creates fictional radio reports about Soviet troops approaching the city to help alleviate the unbearable hopelessness of those around him.  His lies, however,  cannot stop the machinery that brings death to all the ghetto inhabitants. An Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language film in 1977, “Jacob the Liar” also garnered lead actor Vlastimil Brodský  a Silver Bear Award at the Berlin International Film Festival.  An English-language version of the film was remade in 1999 and starred Robin Williams. 

In addition to Teicholz, the panel will feature Holli Levitsky, Director of the Jewish Studies Program and Professor of English at Loyola Marymount University; Marina Ivanova, Associate Professor of German Film and Media & Academic Director of the DEFA Film Library, and Jon Kean, writer and director of “Swimming in Auschwitz.”

The August 5 film, presented in partnership with JQ International, is “Aimee & Jaguar” (1999).   Based on Erica Fisher’s worldwide bestseller of the same name, it is the true story of the love affair between two women, an exemplar of Nazi womanhood and a Jewess and member of the underground.  Set in 1943, “Aimee and Jaguar” stars Julianne Köhler and Maria Schrader and was Germany’s Oscar submission for Best Foreign Language Film. It was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film.  Both Köhler and Schrader received Silver Bears at the 1999 Berlin International Film Festival for their portrayals of Aimée and Jaguar.

The panel will feature Teicholz and representatives from Holocaust Museum LA and JQ International. 

The final film in the series on August 12, “Naked Among Wolves” (1963), is based on the novel by Bruno Apitz.  Set in the Buchenwald concentration camp, it is about a small Jewish boy hidden in a suitcase by a Polish prisoner and smuggled into the camp. As liberation approaches, the prisoners, while planning a resistance, must come together to keep the boy safe from their Nazi captors.

Praised in the New York Times for its “fresh and hopeful theme,” “Naked Among Wolves” features cast members who were also prisoners of the Nazis, as well as  a young Armin Mueller-Stahl.  The panel will feature Prof. Helga Schreckenberger, Chair of the Department of German and Russian at the University of Vermont.

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