Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, in conjunction with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, announced a partnership with Consortium for Worker Education as part of the governor’s ongoing gun violence prevention strategy. CWE, the workforce development arm of the NYC Central Labor Council to provide new job training, training stipends, credentialing and placement in good-paying, long-term jobs for 2,400 young people who are out of school and live in the neighborhoods most impacted by gun violence.

“The best thing we can do to combat gun violence as a state is provide at-risk youth with productive activities to get them off the streets and equip them with life skills they need,” Governor Cuomo said. “We are going to hire young people, train them, and give them jobs that set them up for long-term success in their careers. These young people have entire futures ahead of them and we are going to show them there is no limit to what they can be.”

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said, “If you want to prevent a child from picking up a gun, give them a hammer, a spatula, a stethoscope. Providing employment opportunities is one of the best long-term strategies for upholding public safety. By focusing on youth in gun violence hot spots, we can turn the tide of bloodshed in our Black and Brown communities. I thank the Governor for hearing our call on making these critically needed investments, and I look forward to working with DOL and our community stakeholders to make these investments count.”

Priority for CWE programs will be given to those ages 18 to 24 who reside in New York City areas most impacted by high levels of gun violence. Priority will also be given to those referred from interrupters and other anti-gun violence advocacy groups and related referral organizations.

Targeted private sector employers and labor union apprenticeship programs on work-readiness training that will lead to employment based on industry specific standards. Industries and occupations will include:

  • Truck, Bus and Automobile Mechanical Repair and Maintenance
  • Commercial Drivers Licenses
  • Construction Management
  • Culinary, Baking and Food Service
  • Health Care
  • Building Trades Apprenticeships
  • IT Software and Support
  • Cyber Security
  • Building Services
  • Hospitality and Tourism

Joseph McDermott, President, Consortium for Worker Education said, “Providing resources like training and job placement is an invaluable piece of the puzzle to combatting gun violence in New York City. Not only does it keep young adults off the street, it stimulates our economy and provides our workforce with strong, knowledgeable workers. We are proud to partner with Governor Cuomo in his efforts to fight the emergency gun violence has become and look forward to helping young workers find careers meant for them.”

New York State’s Department of Labor will work with community partners such as gun violence interrupters, clergy and community groups, and labor partners in order to sign qualified young workers up for CWE’s training and placement. Young workers interested in learning more or community groups seeking to make referrals can visit DOL’s website here.