It’s summer in New York! It’s time to live outdoor and enjoy the sun, specially after a long time quarantining at home there are plenty of things to do in the city right now. New Yorkers and tourists are everywhere these days, on the streets, on the parks, and on the bike paths, I pick five of my favorite places to ride a bike and enjoy the City Life:

Hudson River Greenway

Jean Ferreira in the Intrepid Museum.

It’s absolutely fantastic the views to the Hudson River, my favorite parts are between the Upper West Side and West Village. Its so cool to ride through the Riverside Park and pass by the Hudson Yards, the Intrepid Museum, and the Little Island, this is my route and where you can see me riding my City Bike sometimes, its very crowded too, so be aware of people riding bikes everywhere.

Central Park

The Central Park is so far my favorite place to ride my bike, its so relaxing to go to the park after a day of work, it renews everything inside my body. Go for the nature, go for the people, go for the scenic views, go for the musicians playing jazz, go for the workout, or go for any other reason to go to Central Park, but just go it’s summertime.

Times Square

Jean Ferreira in Times Square.

Some people say it’s too crowded to ride a bike in Times Square, but I like to pass by the people, I like to see the billboards, I like to pass by the Broadway Theaters that are all re-opening by the end of the summer, and I like to feel the energy of the crowded place in New York City in full swing, plus give me a sense of if I can make it here I can make it anywhere.

West Village

Jean Ferreira in West Village.

I like to ride my bike on Sundays afternoon in the Village, some streets are usually closed and we can enjoy the most of the Village. There are performers on the streets, some of the most beautiful brownstones in NYC, and historic and cultural places to visit like The Stonewall Inn.

Upper West Side

Jean Ferreira, Columbus Circle in Central Park West in the Upper West Side.

I love to ride my bike is my neighborhood, the bike path on Columbus Ave take you all the way downtown, my favorite parts are close to the Museum of Natural History and the Lincoln Center. On the way uptown we can’t miss the gorgeous buildings and brownstones on Central Park West.

By Jean Ferreira.

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