A virtual exhibit exploring typography and color in mixed media and installation works merging visual art and poetry.

/PRNewswire/ — Lorenzo Marini, an Italian creative director, author and artist, announced today, he has partnered with the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles to launch ALPHATYPE21, a virtual and interactive 3D exhibit of art and poetry available through August 29, 2021.

The Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles, under the auspices of the Consulates General of Italy in Los Angeles and Houston, will present the interactive 3D exhibition curated by Peter Frank.

After a preview at the 2020 LA Art Fair, Los Angeles is now hosting a full exhibition celebrating the artistic journey of the founder of the “TypeArt” movement that finally set letters free. “For Lorenzo Marini, art is a voyage of catharsis in search of the ‘Word’. So, for Marini, art represents that meaning, that word, that has filled and continues to fill every day with the “silence” of daily life.” said Peter Frank, the exhibition’s curator.

Lorenzo Marini explains his bond with Los Angeles and the importance of this exhibition: “Los Angeles is the only city where I can talk about my artistic development and feel utterly at home. Here in Los Angeles, color, vibrant energy, open-mindedness, and the quest for innovation are part of everyday life. Over the last few years, I’ve succeeded in rebuilding the dialog between form and content, exploring cartoons, advertising, and the silence of white. I reached the finish by combining my love for futurism with studying Asian calligraphy. I believe that letters are born free and like people, are social creatures but they are also individuals. It’s time we celebrated the beauty of the geometry that underlies them and leave the herd of alphabetic type behind. They are not just necessary for reading and writing, but also for feeding our imagination.”

The 14 artworks on show retrace the journey begun with Marini’s manifesto for the liberation of letters. The exhibition will include two “Alphatype” works and two “Snowtype” works. At the center of the exhibition space, the artist has created a dynamic installation: a homage to the fountains of Italy, in which the gush of water is replaced by the gush of letters.

The virtual exhibit will be available through August, 29th 2021, and can be accessed here.
Italian Cultural Institute Los Angeles, www.iiclosangeles.esteri.it. Free admission.

About Lorenzo Marini An Italian artist who lives and works in Milan, Italy, Los Angeles and New York. Marini attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where he was mentored by Emilio Vedova. After obtaining his degree in architecture, he spent the next thirty years building a successful career in advertising.

In 2016 Marini had an artistic epiphany that led him to celebrate the beauty of letters. In 2017, fresh from this success, he published his manifesto for the liberation of Type, in so doing becoming the founder of a new art form: that of devoting an artwork to each individual letter of the alphabet, liberating letters from their duty of function in order to celebrate their pure intrinsic beauty. In Visual, his first phase, Marini’s paintings can be read as the translation of advertising campaigns into contemporary art, with a rigorous logic of spaces and equilibria. But in this second artistic phase, they can also be read as a revolutionary interpretation of the pop beauty of the contemporary alphabet.

About the Italian Cultural Institute Los Angeles The ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI CULTURA, LOS ANGELES – Where ITALY comes to you is an office of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation founded in 1984 to promote Italian Culture in Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Directed by Valeria Rumori since 2015, the Institute promotes Italian language and culture through courses and events organized in collaboration with numerous local institutions and Italian American organizations, with the goal of presenting Italy’s cultural richness and contributions in architecture, cinema, design literature, music, science, technology, theater and the visual arts.

Since the start of the international health emergency, the Institute has offered a rich online Italian language program and events including webinars, exhibitions, concerts, film screenings and original content videos published on its YouTube channel. In addition, the IIC has been publishing daily thematic posts on its social media (FacebookTwitterInstagram). www.iiclosangeles.esteri.it

A view inside the ALPHATYPE 21 virtual exhibit.

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