Three New Owned Brands by mid-July to cover kitchen, home storage and provide consumers with a youthful, eclectic collection

 /PRNewswire/ — Bed Bath & Beyond (Nasdaq: BBBY) today announced that it will launch three new Owned Brands this quarter, continuing the Company’s execution of its biggest product assortment change in a generation to rebuild its authority in the $180 billion home market. With the launch of the new Owned Brands in the coming weeks, the Company will have launched six Owned Brands in five months – which is ahead of its previously announced 6-month timetable and in advance of the important Back to College shopping season.

The Owned Brands that will launch in the market in the coming weeks and be available only at Bed Bath & Beyond include the following:

  • Our Table™: A new line of modern kitchen and dining wares, created to help every home cook share more great meals with family and friends. From versatile serveware to durable cast iron cookware, Our Table is inspired by natural materials and time-honored craftsmanship. Designed using clean lines and simple forms, each piece ensures ease of use without ever pulling the focus away from the food or the company. The Our Table lineup will consist of more than 1,100 products across cookware, bakeware, food prep, kitchen gadgets & utensils, kitchen linens, dining & barware.
  • Wild Sage™: A youthful, eclectic collection of stylish and free-spirited pieces for the home, Wild Sage helps customers express their unique personalities and bring their stories to life. With products influenced by current design trends from around the world, Wild Sage offers an always-evolving mix of creative and affordable finds. Our newest Owned Brand includes almost 600 stylish products for the bedroom, bathroom, dining room, and living spaces.
  • Squared Away™: A new line of storage, organization, and cleaning solutions for the home. Useful for every room, Squared Away offers a smart and stylish set of products to keep a home looking great and functioning well. With nearly 300 products, the Squared Away assortment will include storage items for the kitchen, closet, bathroom, and organization throughout the home.

Mark Tritton, President & CEO of Bed Bath & Beyond, said, “I am pleased that we are ahead of schedule in delivering our Owned Brands plan, launching product assortments strategically sequenced to cover our core destination categories of bed, bath, kitchen & dining, indoor decor and storage & organization. Together with the Company’s first opening-price-point Owned Brand, we are helping customers unlock the magic in every room while strengthening our leadership in the home market.”

The introduction of at least 10 new Owned Brands is a key component of the Company’s previously announced three-year transformation strategy and is expected to triple the sales penetration of Owned Brands from 10 percent to approximately 30 percent over three years while driving improvements in gross margins. The Company launched Simply Essential™, Haven™ and Nestwell™ last quarter, and is on track to have introduced a total of at least 8 Owned Brands when the 2021 fiscal year ends in February 2022.

Joe Hartsig, EVP, Chief Merchandising Officer of Bed Bath & Beyond and President of Harmon Stores, said, “Through the use of new, data-driven line reviews, we discovered there were significant opportunities to strengthen our assortment in our kitchen, home décor and storage and organization categories. We identified meaningful gaps where we could bring exceptional quality, style and value to our customers and help us address unmet customer needs with these exciting new lines only available at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The upcoming launches of Our Table, Wild Sage and Squared Away will be important new enablers as part of our broader room resets that help elevate our overall customer experience, particularly in these important destination categories.”

As part of its recently introduced ESG strategy, the Company has made a commitment to ensuring that its Owned Brands strengthen its commitment to the Planet. Specifically, Bed Bath & Beyond is committed to integrating sustainable products and services across all Owned Brands categories at accessible prices, including ensuring that at least 50 percent of cotton and wood is responsibly or sustainably sourced, and that less than 50 percent of packaging weight in packaging is from virgin plastic. For more details, visit our ESG website.

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