Skateboarding is making its Olympic debut this year. The qualifiers for skate have been postponed to the end of May 2021, and we wanted to give you a preview of some of the skaters to be on the lookout for.

Brighton Zeuner started skating at age 4, began competing at age 8, and at age 13 became the youngest person to win an X Games Gold Medal. Now, at age 16, she is training to qualify for the Olympics this summer in Park Skateboarding.

Alex Sorgente and Zion Wright, both South Florida natives, have been dominant forces in Park Skateboarding and were added to the first-ever USA Skateboarding team in 2019.

Jagger Eaton is the youngest person to ever compete in an X Games and is the only skater in the world that will be competing to qualify in both Park and Street Skateboarding.

And lastly, Jamie Foy, the 2017 Skater of the Year, has created a skateboarding style of his own. He was named the captain of the US National Team for Street Skateboarding and will be competing in the qualifiers to make it to the 2021 Summer Olympics.