/PRNewswire/ — Recently, 2021 9th GA Global Cultural & Design Awards, one of the most influential international awards in the field of global creative design, was held in New York and the list of winners was announced.

Founded in New York, USA, GA Global Cultural & Design Awards aims to discover and commend outstanding people in the six major design fields of architecture, interior design, art, fashion, etc. It is known for its strict evaluation system and high-quality judgment standards and is committed to exploring outstanding architectural design, innovative interior and product design in the global architecture field, convincing visual communication and architectural concept design, promoting interdisciplinary dialogue, and attracting many world-renowned brands and designers to participate every year.

Heguang Jintang Mansion from Nanjing, China won the Global Real Estate Architectural Design Award. Luca Molinari, a famous architecture critic who is one of the judges of this award, jointly created by Poly Development Holdings, a Fortune Global 500 company, the powerful brand Eju Construction, and New Hope, a 100 billion enterprise, he said that people’s perception of architectural beauty often starts from the facade, an important embodiment of architectural personality and style. Architectural design must be based on the times, not only seek inspiration from fashion but also transcend fashion to grasp the inner essence. To judge the aesthetic effect of a building, we should first look at the shape ratio of the building. The shape ratio and flowing lines of a building are the basis of architectural aesthetics. The exterior facade of Nanjing Heguang Jintang Mansion uses blue-gray glass windows and dark lines, forming a series of orderly streamlined shapes, creating a flowing linear modern and simple facade style. The overall facade is symmetrical on the central axis, and the elements are designed with a combination of C-shaped floating slabs and aluminum strips to create a modern, simple, gorgeous, and elegant facade texture. It is not only rich in layers but also has lasting beauty.

The design of the large glass surface brings more sunshine and visual enjoyment to the owners, and enriches the building volume by combining with horizontal lines; the materials are mainly in dark and light colors, and the lines are refined. Champagne is used locally to add a sense of refinement and color richness. In addition, the landscape design of the project is also unique, achieving a scene slowly changing from the hustle and bustle to the quiet, and following the spatial characteristics of landscape priority. It is enclosed on all sides with a large-scale courtyard as the center. In the layout, the grand landscape spatial settlement is adopted to achieve the balance between the transparency of residence and the continuous city view.

Around the central landscape, the ground floor of some buildings is elevated to increase multiple places for interaction with the group landscape space, gradually moving from the public to the privacy. The quiet and spacious landscape inside and the noisy urban road outside form a boundary and overlapping, and the life vision of “enjoy solitude in the noisy place” can be achieved here.

Heguang Jintang Mansion from Nanjing

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