Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today issued a proclamation recognizing April 18 to April 24 as Infertility Awareness Week in New York State. National Infertility Awareness Week brings to light the problem of infertility for individuals and couples facing challenges in their journey to start a family and will help remove the stigmas and barriers that stand in their way. The Infertility Awareness Week Proclamation is available here.

“Every single New Yorker should have the same opportunity start a family, but infertility is often an emotional obstacle that many New Yorkers face in their journey,” Governor Cuomo said. “New York has been a national leader in advancing family equality by expanding reproductive health access and ensuring cost is not a prohibiting factor for New Yorkers who want to have a child of their own. This proclamation, recognizing this week as Infertility Awareness Week, should serve as a reminder to every individual struggling with these decisions that New York supports you.”

Melissa DeRosa, Secretary to the Governor and Chair of the Council on Women and Girls, said, “Family planning and the ability to conceive are the most personal, life altering decisions that take both an emotional and financial toll on women and their families. Too many women have struggled silently with infertility as they faced roadblock after roadblock to start a family of their own – but we want those women to know that New York stands with them. We will continue to bring awareness to this important issue and break down both stigmas and barriers to fertility challenges so every New Yorker has the support they need as they plan to have a family.”

Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, New York State has enacted historic laws that support reproductive rights for women and men – including requiring health insurers to provide coverage of services for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, fertility preservation and egg-freezing services and mandatory coverage of prescription drugs.

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