New research from OBERLAND reveals that consumers of the nation’s largest brands believe the companies have a duty to protect the right to vote.

/PRNewswire/ — As activists gather today at AT&T headquarters in Texas to protect the right to vote, lawmakers continue to file bills to restrict voting access across the state. This is not limited to Texas, however, as politicians nationwide have filed hundreds of bills to suppress the right to vote. 

Amid this political wrongdoing, the nation’s largest brands in Texas and nationwide are not doing enough to stand up for their employees’ and consumers’ fundamental rights. Many of them have fallen silent – And those who have spoken out have done just that – spoken. Their words have yet to translate into meaningful action.

The disparity in brand response to the current issue of voting rights, as compared to brands’ urgency for activism in 2020, cannot be attributed to lack of desire for them to take action. OBERLAND today released findings from a survey of 10,000 consumers of the nation’s largest, publicly traded brands in Texas – JCPenney, Whole Foods Market

Dell, AT&T, American Airlines, Pizza Hut – and brands across the nation – Petsmart, CircleK, Sprouts, Delta Air Lines, The Coca-Cola Company, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Bank of America, Aramark, Rite Aid and PNC Financial Services Group – which revealed that 83% of these companies’ consumers believe the corporations have a duty to protect their – and their employees’ – right to vote.

At the end of the day, companies who committed to taking social action over the past year must put their money where their mouth is by taking a stand against voter suppression. Saying a bill is “unacceptable” is not enough. Following the lead of Kenneth Chenault and Kenneth Frazier is a great first step –  but it’s not the end of the road. Those who stay silent and those who do not back up words with action risk losing both consumer and employee loyalty and satisfaction. And with that, goes your business – no matter how many political allies you have.

How can brands walk the walk? OBERLAND research found that nearly half of Americans who consume the nation’s largest brands want them to set up partnerships or recurring donations with voter rights organizations. What’s more, 50% of the companies’ Black consumers, who are disproportionately affected by the suppressive legislation, want to see brands launch campaigns denouncing legislation that suppresses the right to vote.

Brands: it’s your DUTY to stand up for your consumers and employees by fighting against voter suppression bills. You have the connections and resources to change the minds of politicians. CEOs: make your brand all you promised it to be in 2020. And – your business will thank you.

Learn more about the findings here.

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