( – Professional Breaking (commonly known as breakdancing) competitions are growing rapidly in production value and appeal – as the dynamic culture which blends performance and art heads towards official inclusion as an Olympic Sport in the 2024 Paris Games.

The Break Free Worldwide Championship Breaking Series made its debut with Space City Classic in February, and it was met with worldwide acclaim. Based out of Houston TX, Break Free Worldwide is curating its inaugural calendar year of events with the prestigious Championship Breaking Series, and competitors from around the world are flocking to the home of Break Free Worldwide Headquarters to vie for status and rankings in the Series Leaderboard.

With Breaking consisting of over 30 million active artists and athletes (SOURCE: USA Today), the general public is starting to catch on to the unique and engaging platform and the storylines and entertainment that come from it. Utilizing industry-leading technological and production initiatives for their events and broadcasts, Break Free Worldwide is captivating the attention of the World and solidifying Houston as an epicenter for Hip-Hop education and entertainment.

The 2nd Break Free Worldwide Championship event of the year is slated for April 16th-18th. BreakX Grand Jam 2021 weekend kicks of with a charity Basketball game comprised of Break Free Worldwide staff and the esteemed panel of judges for the event – JD “Twixx” Rainey from Seattle, WA, Ayumi Fukushina from Osaka, Japan, Marlon Lizama from Houston, TX, Omar “Roxrite” Delgado of San Francisco, CA, and Hyun “Born” Yoo of Seoul, Korea. Day 2 of the festival, April 17th attracting the attention of the 30 million artists and athletes in the culture with an Open Preliminary round where athletes will compete for a spot in the Top 32 tournament bracket for the main event on Day 3, April 18th. The Championship prize pool for the event consists of $13,500 cash each for the male and female brackets.

Observing all state and federal COVID-19 mandates, the Break Free Worldwide Championship Breakin’ Series keeps the momentum going with BreakX Grand Jam being held at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, TX. Purchase tickets and view more information on the event now by visiting:

The DMA Agency, today announces an exclusive partnership with Break Free Worldwide. The DMA Agency will serve as the exclusive agency of record, which will see Break Free Worldwide working with The DMA Agency’s global network and exclusive partners.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to work alongside the world’s #1 Hip-Hop School, Events and Technology Platform. Our partnership with Break Free Worldwide enables us to support community influence in thousands of cities throughout the world in preparation for the 2024 Olympics, and we’re just getting started!” says Robert A. Mattison III, CEO, DMA, Inc.

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