HUGO is excited to announce its latest project, “HUGO Louder,” a new and exclusive music platform that does more than share great music. Its mission? To amplify the voices of inspiring artists and young talents who want to change the world. 

HUGO’s brand ethos is closely linked to popular culture – especially music. In 2012, the brand launched “HUGO Tracks,” which showcased bands and acts from the electronic music scene. In more recent years, it has developed a strong partnership with singer-songwriter Liam Payne. 

HUGO Louder will provide artists with a stage to debut their music and speak out about what matters to them. Spotlighting emerging talents and established musicians who embody the brand’s DNA like rapper Kelvyn Colt, the monthly series will explore each artist’s personal experiences while touching on the most important issues of the moment. The series will also feature live performances, exclusive interview content, and much more. 

“The long-standing relationship between HUGO and music runs deep. We, at HUGO, believe in music and fashion as cultural statements of self-expression. With the latest project, we want to provide a platform to the voices of the future, inviting artists and the audience around the world to our unfolding brand adventure.” 

Lüder Fromm, Director Global Marketing and Brand Communications

HUGO revealed its own Apple Music, Deezer, and Spotify channels earlier this year, featuring soundtracks to their campaigns and curated brand playlists. The next step – HUGO Louder and the accompanying mobile-first campaign – will launch globally on March 11.

Photo by Hugo Louder