FRED has relaunched a new Pretty Woman collection of jewelry and high jewelry, a tribute to the cult movie. This bold declaration of love features the “heart within a heart” motif in rubellites and diamonds for the high jewelry pieces, and white and pink gold for the jewelry creations. To embody this new take on love, FRED chose actress Emma Roberts, the niece of unforgettable Pretty Woman star Julia Roberts.

pretty woman FRED

Fred and Pretty Woman have had a very special relationship ever since the release of the movie directed by Garry Marshall. “When our Rodeo Drive boutique in Beverly Hills received a visit in 1990 from the production team of the film Pretty Woman, who were looking for a jewelry piece for the leading actress, we had no idea that the ruby ​​and diamond hearts necklace they chose would become such a special part of the movie, thanks to Julia Roberts’ legendary burst of laughter and Richard Gere’s elegance, ”says Valérie Samuel, Vice-President and Artistic Director of FRED. The iconic necklace was named after the movie that immortalized it and has inspired fresh reinterpretations over the years. With its “Y our way, Your love” spirit, the newPretty Woman collection proclaims freedom in every form: high jewelry that can be worn every day, mixing and matching to change looks, and endless ways to wear the pieces. The 22 exceptional high jewelry pieces revisit the original necklace with diamonds and rubellites – precious gemstones in the tourmaline family said to open the heart chakra. With a pink magenta hue that morphs to purple depending on the light, the rubellite symbolizes the different facets of love. The star of the collection is the Audacious necklace. With 554 diamonds and eight heart-cut rubellites, the necklace transforms into different jewels with seven detachable hearts that become earrings, a broach, a lapel pin or a sautoir. With its 659 diamonds and 11 rubellites, the Glamourousnecklace takes over 340 hours of craftsmanship to complete. The original necklace from the Pretty Woman film has also been reprised in a flow of hearts paved with 992 diamonds, with 17 beating rubellite hearts set inside. The collection includes a dazzling array of cuff bracelets, broaches, rings and earrings that will set hearts aglow in myriad creative combinations.

pretty woman FRED

In fine jewelry, 22 exceptional pieces divert the original necklace with diamonds and rubellites, fine stones from the tourmaline family, to which we lend the power to enter into connection with the chakras of the heart. From a magenta pink that changes to purple depending on the bursts of light, the rubellite symbolizes the facets of love. The Audacious necklace is the major piece of the collection. Composed of 554 diamonds and 8 rubellite hearts, this necklace is transformed into an adornment with 7 detachable hearts in turn earrings, brooch, pin and long necklace. The Glamourous setand its 659 diamonds and 11 rubellites requires more than 340 hours of workshop work to complete. Finally, the original necklace from the movie Pretty Woman is updated with a river of hearts paved with diamonds, 992 in total, in which 17 rubellite hearts beat. To complete the collection, cuffs, brooches, rings and earrings make hearts shine in endless combinations of creativity.

For jewelry, the “heart in the heart” motif is worn like a lucky charm in pink and white gold, and even with diamond-set. In an ultra-graphic version, it is available in necklaces, long necklaces, bracelets, rings or even chips and earrings offered individually. For Valérie Samuel, granddaughter of Fred Samuel, founder of the House, the Pretty Woman collection leaves “the possibility for women to fully appropriate it, to play with it, to dare to accumulate and mix and match at will. their desires and their style, in complete freedom. “

The high jewelry and jewelry pieces, necessarily cinematographic, are staged in the mini-series ”  Your Way, Your Love” interpreted by star Emma Roberts. A series to be found on the Maison’s social networks to discover the thousand and one ways of wearing precious stones, day and night.


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