Bboy and Bgirl athletes from 4 global regions to compete in 5 international Breakin’ sporting events, officially announced by BREAK FREE WORLDWIDE. Full 2021 on-site and online schedule out now!

( – Break Free Worldwide (BFWW), headquartered in Houston, Texas, is an events, Hip-Hop School, technology, and management company. As industry leaders in Hip-Hop Education and talent development, BFWW merges its foundation of passionate, experienced, and world-class members with cutting-edge technology to push a unified and innovative vision of Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun.

The art form of Breakin’, as a sport, has deep roots within the Global Hip-Hop Community, and it has exploded in recent years on a Worldwide scale – as Breakin’ was formally approved as a new Olympic Sport on Dec. 7, 2020 by the International Olympic Committee. This inclusion on the Olympic platform, starting with the Paris Games in 2024, sets the stage for Breakin’ to captivate the attention of spectators, sponsors, and competitors from around the world. 

On Jan. 18, 2020, it was officially approved by Moy Rivas, CEO and Founder of Break Free Worldwide, to launch the Break Free Worldwide Championship Breakin’ Series 2021. Consisting of five Global events along with five regional qualifiers, the Series will utilize cutting-edge technology to produce the series of on-site and online events. COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place during all on-site activities, along with anti-doping procedures followed by all on-site competitors. Welcoming participants from all 4 Global regions, the series will reach, according to TODAY NEWS, the 30 million-member active international Breaking Community through Break Free Worldwide’s social platforms, ambassadors, and affiliate programs.

Also being introduced alongside the Series is the Break Free Worldwide Series Leaderboard. This system will track all of the placings during the series, which aims to effectively show the top contenders amongst the 4 Global regions which comprise the competitive Breakin’ Community. $100,000 USD in prize money, fueled by Monster Energy Drink, will be awarded for placings in events and also year-end leaderboard bonuses.

The kick-off event for the series, Space City Classic, will be held in Houston, TX during the weekend of Feb. 26 – 28. This event will feature live stream capabilities as 16 of the world’s best Breakers compete for cash prizes and their chance to put their names on Break Free Worldwide’s leaderboard charts.

Participant and spectator registration is now live on at If your organization is interested in partnership, collaboration, or sponsorship during the series, please contact our General Manager Jeremy Peña, at

Break Free Worldwide Championship Series 2021

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