In 2017, when Nike and the NBA announced its City Edition uniform concept, the goal was to breathe new life into uniform designs to more closely connect a franchise to its city. Now in its fourth season, City Edition uniforms are still rooted in that bespoke expression. Some designs have evolved, while others have stayed true to their original themes. The fluid fidelity to a city’s culture also tells the story of fandom: through changes, shifts and even surprises, a fan base isn’t specific to just one dimension, but many. A place can change over time while still preserving its regional spirit.

“City Edition uniforms were intended to be windows into a city’s culture,” says Sonja Henning, Nike VP, North America League Partnerships. “Representing the last four years, the fingerprint that City Edition describes — that unmistakable identity of a place — is dynamic, and it expands beyond basketball.”

Check out how City Edition uniforms have changed over time.

The 2020-21 Nike NBA City Edition uniforms are available globally on and at select retailers.