Surf duo team up for 1,600-kilometre road trip in their native South Africa.

Jordy Smith took a trip down memory with good friend Mikey February to some of the places that have shaped his career for a new film.

‘Shaping Jordy’ follows Smith and February as Smith goes back to some of his most iconic surf spots as well as catching up with his mentors. Here is all you need to know: 

– Rooted at home with international competition, the 32-year-old went on a local road trip as soon as local restrictions were lifted along with countryman February.

– What ensued were some of the best winter waves in recent memory in their home waters as the pair started in Durban where Smith grew up and then travelled down the East Coast. Taking in the famous Jeffreys Bay, with which Smith has a close connection, and the Southern Cape, they ended up in his home town of Cape Town after clocking 1,600 kilometres.

– The visually stunning documentary was shot by directors Tim Weyer and Dan Staples, to the backdrop of music by Retro Dizzy, Black Math, Skeleton Coast and PHFat.

– Of the outcome, Smith said: “I don’t think it could have come at a better time. On tour, your mindset stays in that competitive zone the entire year. This year – with everything that’s happened – it’s allowed me to break away from that and just really relax. That’s really been refreshing.”

– As well as reliving his own surf life, it enabled Smith to witness first hand over a period of time the alternative surfboard shapes which February rides. As Smith put it: “Mikey, as far as his style goes, I mean it’s just really effortless. It’s easy on the eye. He’s very pleasing to watch. I think he’s an old soul as far as a surfer goes.”

– Smith and February, though, are a different kind of surfer, a mix which Smith’s father Graham decided proved the perfect combination on camera. Smith Sr said: “I think it’s great to have yin and yang to be a part of the same trip to kind of feed each other in different ways. It’s really something special and something I’m thankful for.”