A bunch of us from all over the world wanted to give back to Tom Morey for changing our lives. We formed a group to work on celebrating 2021 as the 50th year anniversary of his invention. We’re called GBBG – Global Boogie Board Group. We are all vetted volunteers and plan to give all the fundraising money to Tom. Sometimes it will be 100% to him and other times it will lesser percentages due to costs to make products, countries of origin, etc. Either way we have Tom’s endorsement on the “Authentic” promotional items and plan to donate the proceeds to him in a form of gratitude for what his vision has done for the world. 

I personally have a debt of gratitude to share with Tom for my 45 year journey through entrepreneurship starting at Tom Morey and, Company in 1975. Tom asked me to come answer the phones but it quickly turned in to him asking me to go visit surf shops and garnered up some orders. Selling the “Boogie Board” was my first real sales job.

Many years have passed and millions have enjoyed the board worldwide and careers game from this small foam board. Pro athletes traveled the world to compete in events on this board. Families went to the beach to enjoy the boogie. And, magazines were published around the world to show off the stoke of the sport. Today, it lives on with internet groups from all corners of the world.

In 2021, we celebrate 50 years since Morey invented the board in Hawaii. He later brought the idea to Carlsbad, California to form Tom Morey and Company. The original crew have all experienced some notoriety from the worldwide phenomenal success. 

And, the beat goes on. Today, at 86 Tom is still playing the drums in a jazz band. His wife, Marchia and him live in Southern California while their four boys are scattered between California,  Kansas and Hawaii.  

The Global Boogie Board Group is from all corners of the world and plans to have Golden Jubilees world wide on July 10-11, 2021. Some will be at the beach, others at wave parks and many are just meet ups in various cities. Yet, they all have one thing in common … their lives were enhanced some way,  some how by this foam board.

For further information about the stoke being spread visit; Boogie50Years.com or contact Patti Serrano at PutYourBodyonaBoogie@gmail.com

Tom Morey and first board
Magazines through out the years
Family stoke
Big Waves, too

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