While it seemed most of the world shut down in 2020, I am so grateful that Central Park never closed. The Park stands as a testament to the resilience not just of the Park, but of the City. 

I’m so grateful that Central Park was here for you, me, and all of us as a green oasis, a place of respite, an escape from the stresses of these difficult months. 

Many people don’t realize that Central Park is cared for by the Central Park Conservancy and the people you see working in the Park are Conservancy employees. They tend to the largest and smallest details of the Park’s care and maintenance. 

Just like you, they share your civic pride. While their jobs have been made more complicated in recent months, they haven’t missed a beat. You know this. You see them working safely and diligently in the Park every day. 

Would you please send a personalized thank you to Central Park, the Conservancy, and all its staff and volunteers who work diligently to keep the Park clean, beautiful, and open to all every day?

During a break or after my shift, Central Park has been one of my greatest stress-relievers. Just being around nature energizes me. My coworkers and I have been very grateful to be able to work so close to such a gem.

Amella, Central Park Conservancy Member

Send a Thank You

While we are living through difficult times, the Park we love and cherish is giving us so much. As we enter Thanksgiving week—if you find yourself in the City—I invite you to come to Central Park to enjoy the breathtaking views and ample open space. The Park helps me to recharge. It gives me a sense of belonging. I hope it does the same for you, this week and always. 


Elizabeth W. Smith
President & CEO