Building on a global footprint of 30 partners in North America and China, Jordan Brand announces a multi-year program in Paris with three local educational partners: Prométhée Education, Le Bal and Casa93. 

“Through the Jordan Wings program, we want to give youth around the world more opportunities to create a better future,” says Craig Williams, President of Jordan Brand. “Education remains the best way to open up a world of possibilities for young people.” 

As the cornerstone of Jordan Brand’s community impact platforms, Wings focuses on transforming the cycle of education for kids who need it. In Paris, with three new partners, Wings will support educational opportunities that can unleash the potential of young people. Prométhée Education champions equal opportunities for young people by giving students the skills, confidence and connections they need to succeed. Since 2010, Le Bal has provided a cultural hot spot for youth in a neighborhood not known for art. And Casa93 offers students access to education and training in creative fields, with the goal of transforming the industry of art and fashion to be more inclusive.

“I’ve always loved the energy and creativity that Paris brings to global culture, and I’m honored to help welcome Paris into the Jordan Wings Family,” says Carmelo Anthony, 10-time NBA All-Star and Jordan Brand Wings Global Ambassador. “In 2020, it’s more important than ever that we all do everything we can to inspire and empower our youth, because they are the future.” 

Like many of the world’s most influential cities, the diversity of Paris strengthens its cultural influence. But social and educational barriers continue to prevent young people from being successful — especially in its most diverse communities. The Wings’ partners in Paris will help a diverse group of young people gain the confidence to achieve their dreams, find their voice and overcome the obstacles they have faced. 

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About the Partners

A renowned and free fashion school, located in the 18th between the northern Parisian districts and the “9-3”. It welcomes young people aged 18 to 25 with a priority for the disadvantaged areas, without qualification requirements. Casa93 encourages research, invention, creation, prototyping and collective know-how.

Prométhée Education
Promoting equal opportunities in education, Prométhée Education works with disadvantaged high schools in Paris (and Île-de-France). It provides mentorship and workshop programs inside and outside schools, allowing each young person to dream, dare and succeed.

Le Bal — “La Fabrique du Regard”
Founded in 2010, Le Bal is a non-profit organization dedicated to visual literacy through exhibitions, publication and educational programs with a unique voice on the artistic scene. Le Bal’s educational platform, La Fabrique du Regard, aims to work in-depth with students, most of them from schools in underprivileged areas, to increase their visual awareness and make them more conscious of their capacities and of the world around them.

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