Today and throughout the year, Apple recognizes the immense sacrifices of veterans and their families. In honor of Veterans Day, Apple is proud to spotlight veterans’ stories, legacies, and communities — and to honor and support those who serve.

Supporting Veterans

Apple and its employees are proud to support veterans organizations that are giving back to the community, including non-profits like Team Rubicon. Team Rubicon mobilizes veterans to continue their service to their country and community, leveraging their skills and experience to help people prepare, respond, and recover from disasters and humanitarian crises, including COVID-19. With a donation to Team Rubicon, Apple is helping mobilize the organization’s Greyshirt volunteers who are engaged in hurricane recovery efforts in the Gulf Coast. Apple is also hosting its own volunteer training so that veterans and other employees at Apple are prepared to join the ranks of Team Rubicon’s Greyshirt first responders for deployment at disaster sites.

Earlier this fall, Apple teamed up with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to increase veterans’ access to virtual care benefits with iPad. This VA iPad program provides qualifying veterans with cellular-enabled iPads to access telehealth services and currently helps more than 80,000 veterans across the country connect to VA health care services virtually. And as of last year, veterans across the nation and surrounding territories who receive their care through the Veterans Health Administration can also use the Health Records feature in the Health app on iPhone to see a fuller, more comprehensive picture of their health that includes information from multiple providers.

Health Records on iPhone brings together veterans’ hospitals, clinics, and existing information on the Health app to make it easy for them to see their medical data across multiple providers.

Today on the App Store, users can learn more about Team RWB (Team Red, White & Blue), an app that brings veterans together through fitness events and community service. The App Store also features a collection of apps that lend a hand to those serving in the military. Apps like Sandboxx (Sandbox Family Communication) and Sesame for Military Families (Sesame Street) help family members process life’s changes, while Hero Care (American Red Cross) and Meditation Studio (InteraXon) provide veterans with health and wellness resources.

Apple is also providing up to a four-month free trial of Apple Music for veterans who sign up for the service anytime in November. Additionally, current and veteran members of the US Military, National Guard, and Reserve are eligible for special pricing on Apple products and accessories throughout the year with Apple’s Veterans and Military Purchase Program.

The Team RWB app helps veterans build connection through fitness events and community service.

The App Store offers a curated collection of apps that lend a hand to service members and their families.

Celebrating Veteran Stories

To highlight the breadth of stories reflecting military and veteran experiences, the Apple TV app features a Military Stories collection surfacing movies and shows that tell the rich stories of those who have served. Apple Books also presents the Saluting our Veterans collection to help readers discover stories with powerful themes ranging from experiences of war to the transition back to civilian life.

Readers can discover true and fictional stories, mostly written by veterans, in the Saluting our Veterans collection on Apple Books.

Today, customers in the US with an Apple Watch can earn a special limited edition Activity award and animated stickers in honor of Veterans Day. To participate, just record any workout of 11 minutes or more.

Apple Watch users can earn a special award on November 11 for completing a workout of 11-minutes or more.

To read about one veteran’s mission to preserve history in Tuskegee, Alabama, visit

This Veterans Day, Apple is honoring veterans, sharing their stories, and supporting the military community through several programs.