This is the most important health action you can take right now.

Huge parts of the world are facing another COVID-19 wave, but the new US administration and other world leaders have the chance to end the pandemic everywhere — help make sure they take action!

Jean, your actions have already made a huge difference — helping develop tests, treatments and vaccines many times faster than normal.

Now, I’m asking you to sign a new, urgent open letter calling on leaders to ensure the tools to fight COVID-19 are delivered equally and quickly across the world.

This is urgent — can you add your name to the open letter?

Only one global initiative can help end COVID-19 — the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT-A). This new initiative is a real-life A-TEAM, bringing together health organisations, top scientists, businesses, civil society, philanthropists and governments to beat COVID-19 by getting tests, treatments, and vaccines to everyone who needs them.

We can only recover from the pandemic together. Scientists are backing the open letter to G20 leaders calling on them to act now, and the more people who back them up, the more likely it is that governments will act.

Take action with us now to help the world recover better, together.

Sign the letter to help kickstart the world into recovery from COVID-19.

Yes, I’ll sign!

With hope,

Annabelle and the Global Citizen team

Photo credit: photogrid

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