Salesforce Anywhere is a new and real-time way for sales and service reps to collaborate with your team and make faster and smarter decisions, conveniently within your CRM.

We first launched the Anywhere app to help sales and service reps act fast in this new normal. Now, Salesforce Anywhere will help teams create a richer single source of truth by bringing conversations, processes and documents into the CRM.

As we look at where CRM is headed, we’re laser focused on real-time, mobile, AI-powered and collaborative capabilities.

We are in the midst of unprecedented times, and businesses are struggling to find their way back to growth. This puts immense pressure on them to digitally transform, and on sales teams to adapt and reimagine the way they sell. The remote work learning curve has been steep, and old processes need to be recreated for this new normal. 

Digital transformation is no longer a lofty goal for the future – speed and urgency are critical, and any business which doesn’t quickly adapt will be left behind. We first addressed this challenge by introducing the Salesforce Anywhere app earlier this year to help teams stay up to speed with real-time alerts, collaborate in context with integrated chat, and stay productive with suggested actions powered by Einstein. 

Today, we’re expanding Salesforce Anywhere by combining real-time data from Quip documents, spreadsheets and customizable business process templates (such as account plans, deal close plans or swarm plans for service cases) with the existing Salesforce Anywhere app features.

The result is a seamless experience across your CRM, team chats and live documents that will help teams sell and service from anywhere and in real-time.

 Stay up to date on the customers, deals and service cases that matter to you in real time, with dynamic account plans and customizable templates within Salesforce.

Expanding Salesforce Anywhere

Starting today, documents, spreadsheets, and process templates are now embedded alongside Anywhere chat, personalized alerts, comments, and video within Salesforce. Salesforce Anywhere keeps all customer data, processes, conversations, and planning right within the Salesforce record it originates in, providing a true single source of truth. When you open a customer record, your team chat, corresponding documents, and call notes are all accessible in one place; no more searching in different apps for different pieces of the puzzle. 

Stay up to speed from anywhere with real-time alerts based on individual preferences. 

You’re probably wondering: 

I use Salesforce and Quip. What does this mean for me?

The Quip functionality you know and love isn’t going anywhere. Now, you’ll see Quip notifications in Salesforce to stay up to speed with the real-time changes on your deals and customers; new functionalities are on the way. 

What does this mean for Quip users without a Salesforce license?

Everything you know and love about Quip is still there! Your Quip mobile and desktop apps aren’t going anywhere.

How can my team get started with Anywhere? 

If you’re a Quip for Customer 360 customer, please reach out to your Salesforce account executive to upgrade to all the new features.

Collaborate in context with real-time chat. Salesforce users can chat in context of their business and share Salesforce records and files to a group, team or individual.
Take action fast with AI-powered suggested actions.

The Future of CRM

As we think about what the future of CRM looks like, we know that real-time, mobile, AI-driven and collaborative are the driving forces defining how we work — whether we’re on a plane to a customer meeting or sitting on the sidelines of our kid’s soccer game. With innovations like Einstein Call Coaching with Video, Salesforce Meetings, and live deal alerts, we’re giving teams the tools they need to get time back and create engaging customer touchpoints in this new work environment. 

Bringing Quip’s functionality into Salesforce Anywhere is the next step to help teams sell and service from anywhere. We will continue to gather customer feedback about the most effective and important chat, alerts, and AI-driven suggested actions functionality, which we expect to make generally available in January. Salesforce Anywhere is available today with documents, spreadsheets and templates for $75 per user, per month. We are excited to continue sharing how we will reimagine the future Salesforce experience for a new world. 

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