On September 16th 2020, UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem hosted a digital event to discuss about Gender Equality and Inclusion with a focus on the Power of Partnerships. Along the conference, she was joined by strategic partners representing the private sector, civil society, international institutions, fashion, sport and government, to stress the soft power of partnerships. Dr. Joyce Brown, Member of the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council of the Prada Group and President of the Fashion Institute of Technology, joined the debate underlining Prada’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in processes and products to build a more diverse and inclusive culture inside the company. Closing her speech she stated: “While talent is distributed equally all around the world, opportunity is not. I’m proud to be part of this Council and happy to be a partner of this company supporting education opportunities thanks to mentorships and internships programs in the fashion industry”.