The Maserati New Era opens with a spectacular event, unique of its kind, unlike anything previously seen in the automotive industry. This evening the lights of the world mobility stage went up on the Trident Brand and “MMXX: Time to be Audacious” marked the beginning of a new phase in the Brand’s history. It is a new dawn, reinforced by the World Première of the MC20 supercar.

“We’re proud to inaugurate our new Era, but even prouder of the mood you can feel in the air at the Modena Circuit this evening,” Davide Grasso, Maserati CEO, underlined. “For our Brand, this is a time to build: the time to be forward-looking and construct our future.”

We are laying the foundation stone of our tomorrow and we are doing it together, guided by our passion, unique in our design and innovative by nature,” Mr Grasso continued.

The event took place at the Modena Circuit, because Modena, Maserati’s Home for over 80 years, is also the heart of Italy’s Motor Valley and the epicentre of passion, love of automotive excellence and performance.

The show was both real and virtual (available in 5 languages: English – event language – Italian, Spanish, Korean and Japanese) and was accompanied, remotely, by two simultaneous mirror events in New York and Tokyo.

The show, which told its exciting story in thrilling terms, was designed to inspire, and to avoid conventional celebration and product launch formats.

It was a real immersion in the Brand’s soul, both celebrating it and revealing its completely renewed identity. A succession of anamorphic images, augmented reality and live performances, integrated on stage by costumes, music and leading-edge technology.

The pace was fast, furious and cinematic, creating a continuous flow of different moments that guided the audience, both present at the circuit and attending via live streaming, towards a new, contemporary vision of the Trident Brand, preparing the way for the culminating moment: the World Première of the new super sports car.

The show in detail

A monumental stage was erected for the occasion in the middle of the Modena track: 23 m high, it was 33 m wide and 30 m deep, with a central revolving platform 500 cm in diameter.

Above the stage was a massive LED screen, a kind of hollow monolith with a total surface area of 630 m2, ensuring an excellent view for guests sitting both in the stands and in the cars in the “drive-in” area, as well as those eagerly following the proceedings by streaming.

Forty-four Maserati cars from all periods were positioned in a radial arrangement creating an evocative drive-in theatre setting and accommodating some of the audience. Behind them, the VIP guests and the press were seated in the stands in compliance with anti-COVID regulations.

This temporary theatre hosted a fluid, unconventional show encapsulating the past, present and future of Maserati.

DJ System Olympia provided an introduction for the guests on site which took them on a journey starting from Modena, in anticipation of the show itself. Electronic music accompanied a flow of moments from Maserati’s history, which appeared on the screen as a succession of iconic drivers, races and models: past, present and future met in a non-linear timeline, with a highly symbolic impact and an experience that was totally gripping from the very first introductory moments.

It all started with sound, based (also visually) on an interpretation of the Brand’s distinctive roar, drawing a parallel with the beating of a new heart: the growl of the Nettuno engine, igniting the show and reawakening the Maserati spirit.

The grand opening was provided by two drummers. The performance began on the stage with a “human sound system”: the drummers were half man, half machine – their identities were concealed by drivers’ suits and helmets, as their instruments spoke for them. The beat gradually became stronger and stronger, and more and more irresistible. The fire was lit.

The time for the celebration had come. A specially produced Brand Movie told the story of Maserati from A to Z, its spirit and its constant striving for performance, innovation and exclusiveness. The images appeared to the beat of the alphabet, listing what Maserati has been and what it will be in the future.

The soundtrack composed by Sandro Mussida merged with the solemnity of a contemporary choir, starring Bjorn Thorarensen, who appeared on stage, and the avant-garde electronics of Lorenzo Senni. Everything invoked the World Première of the MC20 supercar.

The choir was pure power, the perfect example of human engineering and different voices in harmony.
Just as innovation meets craftsmanship in the construction of a Maserati, so, now, Lorenzo Senni’s electronic music blended perfectly with the voices, classical and modern styles merged, and innovation and heritage achieved the ideal balance.

The actual World Première of the new supercar then began: the car appeared from another dimension, initially as a hologram, after which the real car took its place on the stage. The butterfly doors opened to introduce Mr. JWW, Automotive Personality, and Andrea Bertolini, Maserati Reference Driver.

This was the crowning moment of the evening, with the MC20 the queen of the event. Davide Grasso, Maserati Chief Executive Officer, and a representation of employees took their places on the stage.

The Maserati Family officially opened its new Era.

The event was conceived and produced by FeelRouge Worldwide Shows.

Thanks to latest-generation technologies, the entire event was shown both live and by live streaming, with the aid of extended reality special effects.

Nine fixed and mobile cameras covered the various viewpoints, controlled by a double-sized production team of 15 people, necessary for simultaneous management of the live event and the home experience.

Starting from Modena, the energy of “MMXX: Time to be Audacious” also crossed the oceans, thanks to two simultaneous mirror events for Japanese and American customers and press.

A real Drive-in Theatre was set up in the middle of the night at the foot of the Tokyo Tower (lit up in dark blue for the occasion), enabling the audience to view and participate in the Modena event live in Tokyo, and wonder at the unveil of the MC20.

At New York’s Classic Car Club in Manhattan, guests were enthralled by the ascending climax of the event shown live from Italy, which culminated in the local presentation of the new supercar.

The event in figures
1 event (real and digital)
5 languages available for the digital event
2 simultaneous mirror events from New York and Tokyo

1 monumental stage
23 m in height
33 m in width
30 m in depth
1 revolving platform 500 cm in diameter

1 gigantic LED screen
630 m2 in total area (LED screens of 26×18 m and roof LED screen 13×13 m)

For the audience:
44 Maserati cars placed to form a drive-in theatre
2 stands of 21×19 m (each stand seating 200 people in compliance with Covid regulations)

Backstage and production:
24 days of on-site production work
44 articulated trucks used for freight

450 motorised floodlights in the lighting system
24 K1 L Acoustic speakers, 24 K2 L Acoustic speakers, 12 K1 Sub speakers and 24 Ks28 speakers in the sound system
9 fixed and mobile TV cameras, coordinated by a double production team of 15 people

Staff & logistics
10 operations offices on site
285 people working on site
4,000 coffee pods consumed
4,536 bottles of water drunk
7,500 meals (lunch and dinner)


Sandro Mussida (Sound designer)
Sandro Mussida composed the original soundtrack for the “MMXX: Time to be Audacious” event.

A London-born composer and electronic musician who also plays multiple instruments, he has impressive experience ranging from sound design to orchestral conducting, installation soundtracks and live performances.
An outstanding figure on the international electroacoustic music scene, he has undertaken several major projects with London-based music collective TQS and as sound designer for live shows.

Lorenzo Senni (Warp Music)
Lorenzo Senni is an Italian experimental musician. He is well known in the electronic music world

for his distinctive, bright aesthetics. Lorenzo Senni was signed by Warp in 2016 and his EP “Persona” received a coveted “Honorary Mention” at the Prix Arts Electronica, one of the best-known, longest-established annual digital music and culture awards. As founder of Presto !? Record, he has published many albums of internationally famous artists including DJ Stingray, Florian Hecker, Palmistry, Evol…
He has also composed many pieces of music for films and for the theatre.

Bjorn Thorarensan
Bjorn Thorarensan is a tenor and choral conductor.
His most famous projects include BJORK’s Medulla, for which he was vocal director.

Maserati S.p.A.

Maserati produces a complete range of unique cars with an amazing personality, immediately recognisable anywhere. With their style, technology and innately exclusive character, they delight the most discerning, demanding tastes and have always been a global automotive industry benchmark. A tradition of successful cars, each of them redefining what makes an Italian sports car in terms of design, performance, comfort, elegance and safety, currently available on more than seventy markets internationally. Ambassadors of this heritage are the Quattroporte flagship, the Ghibli sports sedan, now also available in hybrid version, the Trident Brand’s first electrified car, and the Levante, the first made by Maserati SUV, all models denoted by use of the choicest materials and technical solutions of superlative excellence. A complete range, including V6 and V8 petrol, 4 cylinder hybrid and V6 diesel powerplants, with rear-wheel and four-wheel drive. The range’s prestige was recently even further enhanced by the introduction of the new Trofeo Collection, comprising Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante, equipped with the powerful 580 hp V8 engine. The top-of-the-range is the new MC20 supercar, powered by the ground-breaking Nettuno V6 engine, incorporating F1-derived technologies now made available in the power unit of a standard production car for the first time.  Today, the Maserati range is produced at three plants: Ghibli and Quattroporte are built at Grugliasco (Turin) at the Avvocato Giovanni Agnelli Plant (AGAP), and Levante at the Mirafiori Plant in Turin. The new MC20 supercar is produced in Modena, at the historic Viale Ciro Menotti plant.

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