Diversity and inclusion are at the centre of Gucci’s creative vision

“I really believe that creativity and diversity are inextricably linked in our industry. And, the more you are exposed to different views and experiences, the more you fuel the company’s creativity, culture and growth.”

Marco Bizzarri, Gucci President & CEO

Underlying Gucci’s creative vision is a desire to empower all people to live a life of self-expression and freedom that fuels creativity, fosters innovation, and reimagines the future. Together with our parent company Kering, we believe in empowering imagination through our collective talent, driven by diverse ideas set free in an inclusive culture.

We champion diversity in all its forms, equality and inclusivity, so that everyone in our global community can thrive as their true and diverse selves, beginning with our own company culture.

At Gucci, diversity is any dimension, visible or invisible that can be used to differentiate groups and people from one another. We empower each other by recognizing, respecting and celebrating what makes us different. Inclusion at Gucci means creating and ensuring a sense of belonging where each individual is valued and treated equitably, allowing everyone to contribute, thrive and develop as who they are.

Our Workforce

In 2019, we committed ourselves to a plan of actions to further increase diversity and inclusion across our total company population with a focus on management roles, while continuing to build on our strong foundation of gender diversity and female leadership.

As we continue with this commitment we are focused on the following objectives:

  • Ensuring an inclusive workplace for all of our employees by providing ongoing educational trainings, learning opportunities, resource groups and open dialogue to increase communication, understanding and empathy
  • Increasing diversity at the management level in both corporate and retail, with specific targets reflective of each global region
  • Achieving gender pay parity for equivalent positions within the organization by 2025
  • Creating greater opportunities for disabled people in our workplace
  • Adopting non-binary and gender-expansive language for gender self-identification both internally and externally

Our People Strategy

To further enhance and embed the company’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy into our global People strategy, in 2019 Gucci established a Global Equity Board led by President and CEO Marco Bizzarri and comprised of Chief People Officer Luca Bozzo, Gucci representatives from each region and joined by Executive Advisor, Global Equity and Culture Engagement Bethann Hardison in July 2020. The Global Equity Board defines and measures all company priorities and targets in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion while also aligning with Kering’s DE&I mission.

Our human capital strategy is being implemented by our global People team in every region with priorities focused on all aspects of our employee experience – from selection and inclusion, to development and mobility – and we endeavour to create opportunities for open dialogue, strengthen shared values, and reinforce an inclusive environment for all. Key activities include:

Attracting, Recruiting and Selecting Talent

  • Establishing partnerships with organizations specializing in cultivating underrepresented talent to foster diversity in the candidate pipeline
  • Expanding our inclusive practices within the hiring and interview process to focus on diversity leadership
  • Supporting diverse, emerging talent through the Design Fellowship Program, which offers a professional and learning experience for underrepresented young designers
  • Providing academic scholarships for university students from diverse backgrounds who are pursuing careers in fashion through the Gucci North America Changemakers Scholarship program
  • Creating pathways for students to reach their destination in the retail industry through The Gucci Program for Scholars, which provides internship and mentorship opportunities in Gucci North America

Developing, Engaging and Retaining Employees

  • Generating professional development and mentorship opportunities through career growth programs, training and education and global exchange programs
  • Educating employees through Unconscious Bias Training for more than 5300 employees worldwide totaling more than 10,000 hours in training on diversity and inclusion, and workplace discussions on racial justice and issues facing the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Creating opportunities for employees to participate in Employee Resource Groups focused on Diversity and Women at Gucci, and LGBTQIA+ at Kering, to cultivate belonging and a supportive community
  • Continuing to protect the rights of LGBTQIA+ individuals and uphold the UN LGBT Business Conduct Standards for companies, which include eliminating workplace discrimination, making sure business operations do not contribute to discrimination against customers, suppliers or members of the public, and working with business partners to address discriminatory practices up and down the supply chain
  • Providing opportunities with the Gucci Changemakers global volunteering program, connecting employees with their local communities through projects in support of gender equality, inclusion of refugees, education and the environment, including volunteer opportunities with the Gucci North America Changemakers Impact Fund grantees who specifically serve communities of color in 12 cities across North America

Gender Pay Parity

  • In pursuit of our 2025 target, we have started analysing gender pay parity in several countries.
  • In the UK we submitted a report including all information related to the UK gender pay gap, as requested by the UK Government. The detailed report is available here.
  • In compliance with French law, we are also communicating that the 2019 Gender Parity Index result for France is 68/100.

Check the metrics HERE.