He put men in skirts: scandal! He gave Madonna supersonic-conic breasts: scandal! He rejected gender boundaries before anyone else: scandal! In short, he has always found the “politically correct” tedious. The new Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance can therefore really only have one name… Scandal.

For 20 years Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes have been (and have had) only busts. For those who wondered where the legs had gone, here they are! A pair of legs pointing skyward, on the cap, announces the scandal. Because yes, and too bad for those that are easily shocked, one can lone one’s head —while keeping it squarely on ones shoulders.

In the daytime, it’s honey, fresh and appetizing that clearly smells of Gardenia and Blood Orange. It’s tangy, irresistible, and it seems almost out of reach, floating by as it recalls childhood. At night it is a sensual and seductive honey mixed with patchouli. But at the end of the day, day and night are always present, sending an irresistible mixed message.

Apparently, all is safe here with the most cult tin can in the world. But, this time the can is covered with velvet. By day, we see that it’s pink. At night, one identifies it by a caress. In both cases, a memorable experience!

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