“The most important feature of my life – I would be both ungrateful and untruthful if I failed to acknowledge it immediately – has been my good luck; and I must also acknowledge my debt to the fortune-tellers who have predicted it.” With these words, Christian Dior opened the first chapter of his autobiography, Dior by Dior.

In homage to his unfailing passion for superstition and the divinatory arts, Cordelia de Castellane has designed an exclusive collection for Dior Maison inspired by bonne aventure, or “good fortune”, a magical name Monsieur Dior gave to several of his haute couture looks. Hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs sculpt chair backs and decorate a precious 1940s-inspired games table as well as boxes and trays. Blended together with Dior’s iconic Cannage motif, furniture and decorative objects attest to the excellence of craftsmanship in the House’s ateliers. Such playful elegance celebrates the mysterious beauty of luck and destiny of which Christian Dior was so fond, on playing cards with red and black motifs, symbols of auspicious signs and good fortune.

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