The arrangements

Following the cancellation of Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Haute Couture Week and of Spring/Summer
2021 Menswear Paris Fashion Week® in their physical form, the Fédération de la Haute Couture
et de la Mode has created a dedicated platform for each of these events to allow them to be held
online. These two platforms will be accessible to the general public while including spaces
reserved for professionals. Being of a similar structure, they will revolve around sections:

The official calendar and its scheduling, in the framework of which Houses’ creative
videos will be revealed and seen again following their initial broadcast;

  • The magazine, carried out in cooperation with Institut Français de la Mode, which will
    bring together additional content (interviews, making of, ideas, zooms) supplied by
    Houses, stakeholder cultural institutions, media and other contributors;
  • The events (conferences, conversations, concerts, cultural visits…) organized by Houses
    and partners. Some of these events will be reserved to professionals;
  • A segment dedicated to the partners themselves and to their role;
  • A section on Houses in which each of them will benefit from a corporate space which will
    be partially accessible to all and partially reserved to professionals;
  • Sphère, the Federation’s professional showroom dedicated to young brands taking place
    during Fashion Weeks, which will also be held online and will be specifically hosted on
    Menswear PFW® online platform.

Paris Fashion Week® Online benefits from backing by Paris Fashion Week’s official partners:
DEFI, L’Oréal Paris and DS Automobiles.

In order to establish the two platforms, the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode has
clinched a partnership with Launchmetrics, a technological business which is an expert in data
processing and in digital innovation. With its wide-ranging experience in fashion and luxury,
Launchmetrics has hereby ensured the achievement of the platforms whose ergonomy has been
jointly defined.

To ensure visibility to the greatest possible numbers, the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la
Mode has signed partnerships with the biggest social networks and technology companies on a global scale: YouTube, Google, Instagram, Facebook. As for China, it has set up a partnership with Hylink, the largest independent digital communication agency from China, through which it will cooperate with the most important Chinese social networks.

Besides social networks, the Federation has established a partnership with the Canal + group,
which will give rise to the creation of an events channel named Paris Fashion accompanied by a
subscription-free digital corner. It has equally set up a partnership with The New York Times,
which will broadcast the videos from the two events’ official calendar in a dedicated space on its
website. During the two events it will work in close collaboration with concerned medias within
the framework of the plateform’s magazine.

The world of creative brands is closely linked to the realm of arts and culture. Radio Nova, one of
the Federation’s partners, will contribute to the animation of the magazine and the events. The
same will apply to the majority of cultural institutions, from Musée du Louvre to Musée des Arts
Décoratifs, through Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris or Théâtre du Châtelet; to name but
a few.

Sphère will be held online through the partnership reached with the B2B sales platform Le New
Black and with Grand Shooting, processing images and ensuring quality for each participating
house. Sphère will also enjoy backing by DEFI and L’Oréal Paris for the policy led by the
Federation in favour of emerging brands as well as backing provided by FABERNOVEL, RSM,
Première Vision, La Redoute and ZEDONK, Federation’s professional partners.

Haute Couture week online will take place from July 6th to July 8th.
To follow the event:

La Paris Fashion Week Mode Masculine, will take place from July 9th to July 13th.To follow the

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