In November, HUGO BOSS AG was incorporated into the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World for the fourth consecutive year. As such, HUGO BOSS is one of the four companies in the textiles, apparel and luxury segment to have qualified for the Index this year. HUGO BOSS is also listedContinue Reading

(BPT) – While recycling is a proactive way to have a positive impact on the planet, putting recyclable items out on the curb is just one step in the overall process. Cartons, like those made by Tetra Pak, are recyclable and are common in many households since they package foodContinue Reading

Fendi is spotlighting its commitment to environmental and social responsibility on November 11 in conjunction with the laying of the cornerstone for its Fendi Factory in Tuscany. This new facility will become the Maison’s center of excellence for creation, development, innovation, training and production, all centered on sustainability. The adventure unfoldsContinue Reading

Researchers have discovered a new “hidden” gene in SARS-CoV-2—the virus that causes COVID-19—that may have contributed to its unique biology and pandemic potential. In a virus that only has about 15 genes in total, knowing more about this and other overlapping genes—or “genes within genes”—could have a significant impact onContinue Reading

The “30,000 Farms: Toward Zero Herbicides” group met for the first time last July 28 at Hennessy’s La Bataille vineyard in Saint-Preuil to launch an initiative to test practices that could ultimately eliminate the use of herbicides. The target for this ambitious initiative is 2021 for Hennessy’s own vineyards, andContinue Reading

A new study describes a bioluminescent gene that could be the reason that so-called “sea pickles,” or pyrosomes, an underwater free-floating colony of thousands of tiny animals, reverberate in blue-green light. If confirmed, the finding would be the first bioluminescent gene identified from a chordate—the group that includes all vertebratesContinue Reading