Ballet Hispánico presents the Pa’lante Scholars Spring Concert from April 11-13, 2023 at Chelsea Factory, 547 W. 26th Street, NYC. Performances: Tuesday, April 11; Wednesday, April 12 and Thursday, April 13 at 7pm with a matinee on Wednesday, April 12 at 1pm. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

The Pa’lante Scholars initiative at Ballet Hispánico is a tuition-free, intensive professional training program that opens the door for diverse artists from all socioeconomic backgrounds to build careers in dance by lessening the associated financial burdens.

Pa’lante Scholars: Georgia Dahill-Fuchel, Daniel Davila, Deborah de Farias, Daryn Diaz, Ruddy Frias, Agustin Gomes, Brandon Guzman, Jose Manuel Hernández Esteban, Oceana Hinds-Zemanian, Adam Dario Morales, Laura Perich, Kaysha Smith, Arianna Tsivkin, Bria Vainqueur, Elizabeth Weinstein, Diána Worby

Panorámica, World Premiere, choreography by Norbert De La Cruz III

Panorámica is inspired by the cultural diversity of the Pa’lante Scholars. The work embodies illusive ideas about pan-ethnicity and pan-cultural identity. It imagines how our bodies and our movements can shift and belong to multiple cultures. This work hopes to widen and saturate the grey area of cultural liminality. Hence, Panorámica is a sequence of actions that pays homage to origin with hopes to broaden our periphery towards cultural identity.

Chance of Thunder, choreographed by Eduardo Vilaro

An upbeat evocation of a group of prom-going young people, experiencing the insecurities of youth, set to a rousing score by Juan Garcia Esquivel.

Light Rain, choreographed by Gerald Arpino

An audience favorite since its premiere in 1981, the performance of Light Rain is presented with permission from The Gerald Arpino Foundation.

Guajira, choreography by Pedro Ruiz

Guajira was developed through Ballet Hispanico’s 1998/99 Choreographers Workshop, which was made possible by a gift from Jody and John Arnhold and by grants from AT&T, the National Endowment for the Arts, Philip Morris Companies Inc. and The Greenwall Foundation.

Ballet Hispánico is the largest Latinx/Latine/Hispanic cultural organization in the United States and one of America’s Cultural Treasures. Ballet Hispánico’s three main programs, the Company, School of Dance, and Community Arts Partnerships bring communities together to celebrate the multifaceted Hispanic diasporas. Ballet Hispánico’s New York City headquarters provide the physical home and cultural heart for Latinx dance in the United States. It is a space that initiates new inclusive cultural conversations and explores the intersectionality of Latine cultures. The Ballet Hispánico mission opens a platform for new social dialogue, and nurtures and sees a community in its fullness. Through its exemplary artistry, distinguished training program, and deep-rooted community engagement, Ballet Hispánico champions and amplifies Latine voices in the field. For over fifty years Ballet Hispánico has provided a place of honor for the omitted, overlooked, and othered. As it looks to the future, Ballet Hispánico is pushing the culture forward on issues of dance and Latine creative expression. 

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