Conchiglioni with buffalo ricotta and cream

/PRNewswire/ — Sunday, October 17 is National Pasta Day!

Let’s celebrate with pasta & tomatoes: theirs is a marriage made in heaven–they could never divorce because they love each other so much. And the moment you open a can of tomatoes it suddenly hits you: this, THIS, is delicious!

Of course, they must be the most delicious tomatoes. For a joyous plate of pasta in its cloak of delicious tomatoes, we recommend Pomodoro San Marzano dell’Agro Sarnese-NocerinoDOP.

This “Crown Jewel” of luscious tomatoes captures the taste and tradition of their culinary culture. Red juicy tomatoes, perfectly sweet, full of tasty umami: a tomato like no other. But why canned you might ask? Why not eat fresh, in season?

The reasons are both delicious and healthful. San Marzano DOP is a unique tomato, whose taste is captured when heated and canned rather than raw. When harvested for the can, tomatoes are picked at the peak of ripeness, with flavors fully developed (when sold fresh, they are picked for shelf life, firm and unripe).  Canned tomatoes offer a nutritional bonus: the process releases a higher level of the powerful antioxidant Lycopene than fresh.

You need only puree a can of San Marzano DOP and heat it with a little olive oil, garlic or onion for a quintessential taste of Italy. Toss it with spaghetti and pretend you are Sophia Loren as you happily fork it up.

On market shelves lined with brands, some even using the San Marzano name, how do we choose the authentic San Marzano DOP?  Simple: look for the DOP insignia (denominazione di origine protetta) on the label. This ensures the tomatoes are grown and processed in the specific regions that contribute to their unique characteristics; the DOP designation reassures you of the highest standard of excellence.

In honor of our pasta celebration, the chefs at I ❤ San Marzano DOP offer you a littlegift of arecipe:  Conchiglioni with buffalo ricotta and creamFor this and many other San Marzano DOP recipes, visit  I Love San Marzano DOP.

Enjoy – It’s from Europe!

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I ❤ San Marzano DOP is a campaign co-financed by the European Commission promoting San Marzano dell’agro Sarnese-Nocerino DOP tomatoes in the USA.


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