Go behind the scenes at one of the world’s most live-streamed events.

Red Bull Batalla has been a platform for Spanish-speaking freestyle rappers to battle since 2005. The new documentary “Imparables: Red Bull Batalla” goes behind the scenes of the 2020 World Final at Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios. Here is all you need to know:

– Red Bull Batalla has become the world’s biggest international freestyle battle competition – uniting Spanish speaking Latin America and Spain – with more than 14 million fans tuning in to last year’s World Final to make it the world’s most live-streamed event of 2020.

– In previous years, Red Bull Batalla’s finals took place in sold-out arenas but, with COVID-19 restrictions in place, the 2020 final needed a new direction with “The Flow Dimension” virtual world made possible by an enormous 290m2/3100ft2 green screen, advanced camera-tracking technology and virtual simulations powered by Unreal Engine.

– On December 12, 2020, fans got to see 16 Spanish speaking MCs from across the world go head-to-head in the thrilling climax of the biggest freestyle rap competition in the world with “Imparables: Red Bull Batalla” telling the stories of the people that made this event possible.

– The documentary goes from the unlikely winner Rapder (Mexico) – who battled against deep anxiety before stepping up against the biggest and best names in the Spanish freestyle scene – to the 200+ crew working on set in Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios where the final took place.

– The documentary follows their journey to the Dominican Republic and highlights the individual struggles and triumphs of the MCs. Coming together after a period of isolation, the comradery and friendship between MCs off-stage contrasts to the fiery words and battles on-stage.

– Ahead of the 2020 finale, the MCs lived in a 10-day-long, NBA-style bubble and they faced this new challenge head on by reflecting, practicing and preparing for the battle ahead.

– Guadalajara native Rapder, 25, revealed: “There was actually this moment in the competition, in which we were all together and I thought I was the weakest link. You hear their rap and flow and think: ‘The level is insane. Everyone has their own style.'”

– Argentine Tata, 32, explained: “We’re sharing this experience and living it to the fullest offstage, but everything changes once we’re doing our thing up there.”

– Chilean Acertijo, 26, added: “Of course, we’re having fun together, but that doesn’t mean we won’t do our best and fight for the prize.”

El documental de Red Bull Batalla: Imparables se estrena el 22 de Abril | Red Bull Batalla: Imparables Documentary will be released on April 22nd.