(Newswire.com) – This week, Lil Nas X released a brand new music video entitled “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).” The video includes many references to biblical characters and themes, as well as a controversial scene portraying dancing with the devil in hell.

The song has already jumped to #1 on music charts internationally, and the controversy surrounding it has been a continuous trending topic all weekend long. 

Stephen Lovegrove is America’s Life Coach, a TV personality, and an LGBT activist. He spoke out on the controversy today:

“Lil Nas X is clearly finding his way as an artist and a queer person in entertainment. As many LGBT people have experienced, the expression one chooses for their own identity can evolve over time. Lil Nas X has demonstrated that he wants to be able to be open, proud, and bold with his expression of himself – something which artists have frequently done throughout the history of pop music.

“While ‘Old Town Road’ may be popular with children, it’s important to note that Lil Nas X never claimed to be a children’s artist or to be making family content. He embraced the fact that children around the world enjoyed his viral hit, but never claimed that his content would be G-rated or family appropriate. Therefore, he deserves the opportunity to grow and evolve as an artist and an adult who wishes to express himself in a variety of ways. 

“As a gay man who grew up in a very conservative religious environment, I was continually told I was going to hell for being who I am. That has been a constant messagethat has been communicated to me over the years.

“Most people criticizing this video have no idea what’s it like to be gay in the midst of a society constantly telling you that you shouldn’t even existas a human being. There is power in reclaiming the harmful messages that have been spoken over you for decades and boldly writing your own narrative.

“Lil Nas X decided to make a powerful statement in the face of homophobia, which is often hidden behind a deceptive veil of religious concern. 

“I am proud of him for embracing who he is, expressing himself creatively, and sending a message that nobody deserves to be punished, judged, or shamed for who they are.

“Every child in this country deserves unconditional love and acceptance, no matter their gender identity, race, or sexual orientation. The very real threats of discrimination and fear-based messages that have been proven to lead to suicide, depression, and self harm should be a much bigger concern for people than a provocative music video.”

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