Dynamic, modern, new. The Prada Linea Rossa Fall/Winter 2020 campaign celebrates the new active collection with an exceptional cast of young and international talents from different parts of the world: Chinese actress and dancer Jin Chen, South-Korean musician and producer Chanyeol Park, and American actress and change agent Yara Shahidi. The singular nature of each of their talents is matched via the pairing of these Linea Rossa personas with different photographers: each creates an image reflective of the individual, a window into their lives. Supporting diverse local artistic realities, the three talents were shot separately, each in their own countries, by local photographers: Jin Chen was portrayed by Leslie Zhang, Chanyeol Park by Jung Wook Mok, and Yara Shahidi by Renell Medrano. The concept of the Fall/Winter 2020 campaign is the timeline, a lineage of the self; like Linea Rossa, it represents evolution, progress, pushing forwards – a line of life. In the connection of each to contemporary society, to the experience of the now, and their focus and drive to pioneer and to excel, this trio of campaign talents are united through attitude with each other, and with Linea Rossa, with its ethos of modern, high-performance clothes engineered to the needs of dynamic life today. They share a line of thought.